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Have you ever wondered what you have to offer to the world? 

If so, you're not alone.

Many individuals find themselves questioning their abilities and how they can make a difference.

In this video, we explore three essential questions that can help you uncover your specialized knowledge and realize that you have valuable insights to share with the world.

By identifying your unique offerings, you can not only make a positive impact but also turn your knowledge into a profitable venture.

Let's dive in!


Have I Helped Somebody with X without Getting Paid? 

One of the most powerful indicators of your expertise lies in situations where you've offered assistance or advice to others, without monetary compensation.

Reflect on instances where people have sought your guidance or come to you for advice in a particular area.

If you've been known as the go-to person for relationship advice, health tips, or any other subject within your circle of friends or acquaintances, it could signify your superpower.

By recognizing these patterns, you can uncover a potential business opportunity based on your ability to help others.

What Am I Good At? 

Take inventory of your unique life experiences, lessons learned, and hobbies you excel in.

Ask yourself what skills you possess and what topics or subjects genuinely interest you.

Consider the podcasts you listen to, the live events you attend, and how you spend your free time. Sometimes, the skills and knowledge we possess are undervalued or overlooked as potential business opportunities.

By exploring what you are genuinely good at, you might discover an area where you can create something of value and offer solutions to others' specific problems or challenges.

If Money Wasn't an Issue, What Would I Spend My Time Doing? 

Imagine a life without financial constraints.

What activities bring you joy and fulfillment?

What passions do you have that make time fly by?

By asking yourself this question, you can identify the things you were born to do and the subjects you feel truly passionate about.

While not every passion will automatically translate into a profitable business, it can serve as a starting point to explore potential avenues where you can offer your skills and knowledge.

Aligning your passion with a market demand is key to creating a business that brings both satisfaction and financial rewards.

If You Had a TED Talk, What Would It Be About? 

Consider what topic or subject matter you would choose if given the opportunity to deliver a TED Talk.

This can help you uncover areas where you have extensive knowledge and insights to share with others.

It might also provide clues about the audience you want to serve and the impact you aim to make.

While the answer to this question may not be immediately clear, it can spark ideas and set you on a path of exploration and self-discovery.

Unique Offering Examples

To illustrate the power of discovering your unique offerings, let's look at two inspiring case studies. 

Erin, who experienced a midlife crisis, transformed her challenges into a personal journey of growth.

With her newfound knowledge and understanding, she created an eBook and a workshop, helping others navigate their own transformations.

Erin Birch - DigitalMentors

Erin's expertise and personal experiences allowed her to develop a thriving business, making a significant impact on individuals going through similar struggles.

Another example is Eric, who spent years in corporate sales before realizing the value of his accumulated knowledge.

He packaged his sales expertise and created a coaching program to help his clients triple their sales.

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 3.25.30 PM

By leveraging his skills and insights, Eric found a way to monetize his experience and provide tangible results for his clients.

If you've ever questioned what you have to offer, remember that you possess valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences.

By asking yourself the right questions and exploring your passions, you can identify your unique offerings and create a life by design and more impact than you could ever imagine. 

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Brian Fanale
Post by Brian Fanale
July 6, 2023